my idea

when C was little i had a little blank book. i wrote in it whenever he did or said something that I never wanted to forget. i wrote in it every time i thought of another reason that i loved him. i recently saw the book in a box of his baby things i’m saving and felt awful that i never did such a thing with E! he does and say some of the most amazing things. about a week after i saw the book E said something hilarious and i thought, “ooh, i have to write that down!”
two days later i couldn’t remember what it was. it’s been driving me crazy. so if figured if i had it online i’d be more likely to get it done since i’m always on a computer.
so here’s my first story…
yesterday, E got a new cowboy hat. C put it on and started singing (Bon Jovi – Dead or Alive). The chorus goes, “On a steel horse I ride, I’m wanted, dead or alive. ”
then it was E’s turn… “On a one-horse open sleigh, i’m wanted, dead or alive…” in perfect tune to Bon Jovi. I love these kids.


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