last wednesday and thursday C didn’t feel well. this was after a week of me noticing he had to pee more than often and was continuously thirsty. friday morning i decided to take him to the dr. to get screened for diabetes. when we got up he looked close to death. in about a week he’d lost 10 lbs., he had no energy, could barely walk and couldn’t even talk because his saliva was so thick and sticky in his mouth. it was like a mouth full of glue. sure enough, my fear was true. his blood sugar was higher than the meter could even read (over 500). Normal is around 100. We were sent to the e.r. for saline and insulin and then was transported via ambulance to santa barbara to the pediatric icu.
he was so tired and sort of confused. he slept the entire day. twice he woke up hallucinating and screaming and it was hands-down the scariest thing i’ve ever experienced. they told me it was normal and he had no recollection of it later. his blood sugar kept going up high, then down way too low and right back up. Today (Monday) it seems to be fairly regulated.
Poor C has always been scared to death of needles and after the first day, had been poked so many times he was already used to it. Today I was learning to give them to him myself. We’re getting a heavy-duty crash course where we should be leaving this hospital almost on an expert level. There’s almost no time to even get too upset at this point. There’s always someone coming in to educate us on another part of it. I just can’t wait for another month because i know we’re going to be feeling a LOT better at that point.
I’ll be back on once i’m home to add some photos from our stay here.


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