day 2 home…

Two days home and it’s getting more and more stressful! AGH! I had to call the hospital today to get advise from (calmed down by) a nurse. We went to the movie theater today though and all went well. I’m trying to make sure I leave the house. I could be a hermit and be perfectly happy especially if the idea of having a glucose emergency were hanging over my head. So, I’m forcing myself to have quick trips out of the house. Also, C was just getting his freedom to roam the neighborhood with his friend recently and now I’ve had to take that away until I know we have this under control. Poor guy.
This evening I even let my mom take him to the grocery store! That was nerve wracking, too, but that’s when I took advantage and called the nurse in hysterics… All will work out. I know it will. And still, C’s handling everything like a champ. Man, I love that kid.


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