a week later

home a week and things are going pretty well. I’m feeling a lot less emotional and moving on. Life’s close to normal. The scheduling with meals at the same time every day might be the hardest part for me right now. I’m still so darn tired and I have to stay up until 9:00 to give insulin, wake up at 2:00am to test his blood and then be up and ready to give insulin and breakfast at 7:00am. During the day I have no time to nap because it goes like this:
insulin/breakfast, go to work, give snack, leave work, give insulin/lunch, give snack, give insulin/dinner, give snack, give insulin, go to bed, wake up, start over…
Hopefully by next week I’ll be feeling even better all over again. I think so.
We’ve been trying to continue on with our normal activities and yesterday went to Vertical Heaven for the boys to do some rock climbing. They had so much fun and were both BEAT by the time we left. Tomorrow is the X Games. It’s been something I’ve been scared of since I found out about the diabetes. It will be the first time we leave the comfort of our city and truly try to do whatever we were going to do with this added issue. I’m feeling like his glucose levels are closer to a steady pattern than last week, so hopefully all will be well. I’ve got my fingers crossed. Then, Saturday and Sunday we have birthday parties to go to. I may bring our own food just so I know how many carbs and that there will definitely be something for a picky diabetic…

p.s. i just contradicted myself. I emailed someone who’d written to me and broke down as upset and scared as I was last week. God, I hope it’s true that you really do adjust and get the hang of all of this stuff quickly.


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