first scares are always the worst

today we went to camden’s friend’s birthday party. the boys had tons of fun running around, jumping in the jumper, wrestling and playing hide and seek. when it came time for dinner, camden (picky) decided he didn’t want to eat their food and since it was time for him to have a meal, we decided to leave and go to mcdonald’s and then home. he tested his blood (218), we counted his carbs and took the proper amount of insulin. he ate his food on the way home. we were home maybe 30-45 minutes and he walked up to me and said he felt weak. I said, ok, let’s test your blood again, it’s probably low. Sure enough, it had dropped down to 54! I was shocked it was that low! I gave him 4 lifesavers, put him on the couch and waited 15 minutes to test again. thank god it had gone up to 97. right now his dr. doesn’t want him below 130 in case something happened quickly like this, so we gave him 4 oz. of orange juice, waited another 15 and tested again… 205. Sheesh, it changes quickly! An hour later at bedtime it was 143. With that kind of erraticness (word??) no wonder I’ve been a wreck lately!!
We also gained another dog today. She wandered through our front door yesterday when I’d left it open. She looked like she was in awful shape and neglected. Needless to say, she belonged to our neighbors and they decided that we had a better home for her. She’d be very cute if she had all of her fur and her hot spots healed! As for now, she looks terrible! She’s got a good enough demeanor though that it makes up for the rest.


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