Last night was the same thing, test, low, test low, no sleep…
I’m hoping like crazy that the new dosing will have it’s full effect tonight. Although, just before bed he was slightly lower than expected and got to have a suprise dessert of 5 lifesavers to boost it back up. Anyway, today was a crummy day for me. I had too much frustration coming from every direction and am cruising on hardly any sleep on top of it. It’s so hard to deal with things in a normal way when you can’t even focus your eyes because they’re trying their hardest to close! Right now I’m just waiting for those boys to fall asleep so I can. And at 2, if all’s well bloodwise, hopefully I’ll get a solid 5 hours afterwards!
The boys, however, kept themselves busy most of the day. This evening they played some kind of Army game. They were dressed in camo and brought out all kinds of blankets, built forts all over the living room and that’s where they’re sleeping. They said they’re camping there all week, but I hope not!


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