One more update… Camden faced his biggest fear tonight and got his shot on his belly. With all of these adjustments he’s be stuck on getting shots only on his arms. Just like he’s used to with immunizations. Suggesting the belly (so he can do it himself later) has been the only thing that he’s gotten upset about so far and now it’s been done! Hooray! Next step is doing it himself and we’ll be golden. At that point he’ll be able to switch to the insulin pen instead of a syringe & vile. The pen’s more user-friendly and has a 3mm shorter needle. It will definitely be easier for him to work with and I think the school will appreciate it’s ease of checking that he’s measured the right amount. In the syringe he obviously has to measure the correct amount. With the pen all he has to do is twist the top to the correct number, push in the needle and then click a button on the end (like a retractable writing pen) and then just hold it there until it’s let all the insulin out. EASY BREEZY!


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