ethan? oh ya, ethan…

just as he hasn’t been mentioned in my blog, he’s really getting the short end of the stick at home, too. It feels impossible to not sleep, do everything that Cam needs, give Ethan attention (who is fabulous at seeking negative attention when not getting any at all), take care of all the dogs and be a functional person at the same time. One thing I’ve noticed recently though is that he’s starting to collect all of the caps (tops and bottoms) of Cam’s syringes. I think it’s his way of becoming involved. Everytime Camden needs insulin, Ethan’s there to pick up the caps, bring them to his night stand and line them up. Orange ones in one row, white in another. Camden’s been getting packages from different organizations every couple of days. Books, teddy bears, games, magazines, coolers, gadgets, you name it. It’s like Christmas or something around here. Poor Ethan has been so jealous! Last Wedsnesday at the doctor’s office there was an insulin rep there and they ended up ginving BOTH of the boys a cooler filled with goodies!


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