one month down

Today marks one month since Cam was diagnosed. I’m still exhausted. I just want to sleep!!! Today I called the Dr. who again said to lower his dosage of Lantus (slow-acting 24 hr insulin). When he was in the hospital they had him on 13 units of Lantus every night. When we left to come home he was on 12. Every night (except maybe 3-5) he’s been too low when I check him at 2 am and I have to get him some juice, retest, usually get more juice and retest before letting him go back to sleep. At that point, I cannot get back to sleep to save my life. Anyways, they keep lowering the dosage but have to do it slowly. Today she told me to lower him down to 4 units a night. It seems crazy that it keeps going down, but apparently when he got sick part of his pancreas stopped working completely, the rest of it was stunned. The part that shut down will never work again (until there’s a cure), but the part that was stunned is in recovery mode right now and still producing insulin. It will eventually quit, but for now we’re trying to balance the insulin that his body’s still making and the insulin we’re supplementing. They call this the “honeymoon” and his dr. told me it typically lasts a week to six months. The longest she’s seen is a year. So, he will end up on a lot more insulin one day, but for now it’s pretty minimal. Let’s hope that tonight his number’s perfect and we all get right back to sleep. It would really be nice to get these numbers right before school starts next week!


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