While in the hospital I read something about the “honeymoon” period and how sometimes people start thinking maybe they don’t even have diabetes because their bodies are needing less and less insuling. I thought “how retarded.” It’s funny, Camden’s down to 15 carbs per unit at all meals and only 3 units of Lantus at night. STILL, he’s going low. Last night at 2 am while I’m forcing-feeding him apple juice once again I thought of that and realized that it almost does make sense to think the dr.’s were wrong. I can totally see why people would think they didn’t really have it. Anyway, I guess we’ll just enjoy this tiny bit of insulin while we can get away with it.
The other day I was actually saying to my mom that it’s actually kind of nice. Instead of just taking candy away from him altogether I’m weaning him! He’s still getting it at least once a day, but only at specific times! hahah. Yesterday his doctor told me that next week she’ll talk to us about the pen and probably switch him from the syringe. I think he’ll love it!
Tomorrow’s Disneyland, I’ve got to mentally prepare for smelling all that junk food and NOT getting it whenever we want it!!


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