back to school

today we went to kindergarten orientation and met ethan’s new teacher and saw some other kids from his class. when it was over i went to see the principal because i hadn’t been able to get a hold of ANYONE that i want to talk to about camden. i thought it was just going to be kindergarten teachers there but it ended up cam’s teacher and the health tech were both there for me to talk to. then, in walks the actual school nurse. then the director from the after school care. then the principal. i only had to take maybe 10 steps and got to speak to everyone i needed. i’m still scared about how well he’ll be watched at lunch recess so I decided to volunteer to do yard duty… should be fun (i hope)! i cannot wait to get them off to school tomorrow! what will i do?? clean the house? walk the dogs? laundry? hmmm, maybe a nap…


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  1. Tomorrow?

    Haha. I just looked at the dare of the post. Nevermind. I added you to my feeder so I guess I’m just catching up!

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