Today was a great day. Started off with a Dr. appt where they did give us the insulin pen. We used it at lunch and know we’re super happy with it. Dr. also noticed that we had the codes in our school meter wrong and so when Camden went to the nurses office twice yesterday feeling low but testing with a good number, he really was low. Thank God his own body ended up releasing more sugars or we could’ve ended up with a disaster. It only reinforces for him that he can totally trust his body. He knew there was a problem and even though the meter wasn’t backing him up, now he’ll know to treat it anyways. They also made another minor change to his dosing and I THINK that I only will have to get up at 2am to test him a few more nights. I seriously hope this does the trick. I need some serious sleep!!
Today Camden told me his wishes everyone knew more about diabetes because kids were trying to get him to share his lunch today and just didn’t get it that he couldn’t. I received a book in the mail today that I’d ordered, Taking Diabetes to School. We read it and he said it would be perfect for his teacher to read. He only said he wishes they’d have an assembly so the kids in the other classes would know too. 🙂


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