Today I got up to help Camden with something and got lightheaded. He says, “I wonder if your blood sugar’s low when you feel like that.” I said I wasn’t really sure and tried to figure out his computer problem with him. He goes, “I just wish someone else could test their blood and see what it would be.” So I grabbed his old meter and the finger poker he’s scared to use and tested mine. 102. Good normal number. Then I ate a BIG bowl of Frosted Flakes so we could retest. If it were him, it would push him up hundreds! Sometimes 15 carbs pushes him up hundreds. It would probably hospitalize him if he had it with no insulin. For me, it went up to 136…
Just the idea of it got me in tears again. It’s become very routine, but when you really think about it, my body functions properly, his never will again. Ugh, it’s hard to think about.


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