today i went to get my hair done while the boys were at daycare. ethan was there for 2 hours, camden for almost an hour. i was sooo worried that something would happen to camden and kept having to make sure my mom was available to get him. i was a wreck. finally i was done and headed over there. just as i walked in the director hangs up the phone and says i was just calling you. i panicked. then i see ethan with a bloody icepack in his mouth. camden was fine. poor ethan got hurt and had a bloody lip. i poopooed it like nothing until she lifted up his lip to show. holy moly. the poor kids upper lip ripped away from his gums and had a gaping hole up there. the frenulum (sp?) was torn, it was a mess. We headed to the Dr. and they just couldn’t decide on whether or not it was something to stitch. They called over to the hospital and they said they normally would, but at his age and it being such a tender area he would likely need to be under general anesthesia!! They recommended leaving it alone and eating soft food for a few days and see how it’s doing. He goes back in 2 weeks to get it rechecked so long as nothing takes a turn for the worse in the meantime. He gets to be the patient for a few days. I shoulda been a nurse.


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