Ahh, the wonders of kindergarten… and 504 Plans

Ethan came home with homework for the first time today. It was the most exciting experience you could imagine. We sat down together, opened the folder and read the letter from the teacher. It outlined which page to do on which day. We looked at the pages. This was it?? Mr. SmartyPants finished the weeks worth in about 15 minutes. Nice start!

I also got a hold of the school psychologist today and got started on a 504 Plan for Camden. It will make sure that while he’s out of the class either at the nurse’s office or the dr. or even if his blood glucose is too high/low that it’s not marked against him in school. He’ll be able to make up work, etc. There are lots of things that it applies to, but it’s basically stating that he has a disability and it can’t be held against him. Sounds good.


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