Yesterday was awesome. The night before I received an email from JDRF letting me know that a family had cancelled on going to the Dodgers game and they had tickets for me. We all went and brought one of Cam’s friends. It was fabulous. You get there and they give you the tickets (which were for great seats!), give you shirts and your supplies for fundraising (it was the kick-off for Walk to Cure Diabetes), have a fabulous luncheon with yummy food and even give you snacks like peanuts and cracker jacks! They are such an amazing organization!! We had a great time. Camden had lunch (which I had to sorta guess on carbs) and then later had a frozen lemonade. When we got home, I had to run to Ojai for a fundraiser put on by a friend of mine from elementary school. Just as I got there Cam called to tell me that his blood sugar was 473. Holy moly!! He had dinner and just added 3 units for a correction. Tested for ketones, negative. Phew. I guess we blew it with the Dodgers food! At bedtime he tested again… down to 68. Jeez! Gave him 15 carbs, waited 15 minutes, down to 53. I started to panic. If the insulin was still pushing it down enough that even with sugar it’s dropping… I was picturing us in the hospital again and wondering at what point we should leave. 15 more carbs and while we were waiting he said his legs were getting shaky, so of course i’m thinking it’s still dropping. At then end of 15 min, it was up to 100. Hallelujah, but it needs to be 130 for bedtime. I started to give him more glucose tabs and realized that it could easily still be climbing from all everything he just ingested, so we only gave him 8 carbs instead of 15. It was over 130 afterwards but then of course I’m panicking that it could now get TOO high. UGH!!! Went to bed, although I mostly laid there not sleeping (I had him stay in my room). At 2 am I tested, sure enough 353. We just can’t win! This morning, we got it back down to a decent number, but he wasn’t feeling well and with the lack of sleep he got, I couldn’t send him to school. Here we are, just hanging out…

Anyways, the fundraiser in Ojai was such a great experience for me to go to. I really wanted to, but wasn’t sure if I’d make it due to the Dodgers game. I didn’t make it for the walk, but was able to be there for the dinner and to see my friend Chelsea. Her baby boy is terminally ill with what could easily be the worst disease I’ve ever heard of, SMA. I really wanted to be there to let her know how much I think of her and that baby of hers. In her little community, they raised almost $10,000 for research last night. I got goosebumps when I heard this! Since finding out about her son, Micah, I started following her blog, and the blog of another family with an SMA affected baby in Santa Barbara. They post constantly, so there’s always lots to read on theirs. I feel like I know this family! Anyways, they were there last night and I got to meet them. It was pretty amazing, because I’m so aware of their baby and have donated money to their cause numerous times. I felt really good that I had a chance to meet their beautiful Gwendolyn while I had the chance.

Besides the blood sugar fiascos, it really was an amazing day yesterday!

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