Surprise! It’s Celiac Disease!

Cam’s been sick since Thursday. Everytime he eats, his blood sugar goes up and his stomach starts hurting. I assumed he just felt sick with high blood sugar and he was coming out of his “honeymoon.” I wish. At the Dr. appt today they told me they’d gotten his labwork back and that it came back positive for Celiac Disease. What??
Apparently, he has an intolerance to wheat (and all by-products). Which means, his intestines are being destroyed from the insides and not able to absorb nutrients from his food, and it’s probably what’s making his blood sugar high/low, too. Straight from there we headed to Trader Joe’s and Lassens to get every Gluten-Free product we could find that looked appetizing for him to start trying. Just when we think we’ve got the hang of life, another curve ball comes and we get to learn some more. Diabetes started to seem kinda easy. Not really easy, but we understand it and have been dealing really well. I can’t wait a couple more months when this one seems that easy too.


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