today i had my blood test done to see if i, too, have celiac disease. if you know me, you know i’m a hypochondriac, but i swear ethan and i have symptoms…
at the dr. they looked at my labs i had done in february and they showed that i was extremely deficient in vitamin b12, folic acid, iron and my thyroid was very low… why didn’t the dr. contact me to tell me after the blood work was done? who knows… BUT it explains why i’m always tired and grouchy and feeling junky. but then i’m thinking… celiac sprue would definitely deplete my vitamins… ugh. why do i have to wait a week for these results??
and ethan, i’m SURE, has it. on wednesday i’ll make an appt for him to get the blood test. then wait ANOTHER week…
One things for sure. If we all have it, it’s sure going to make it easier to deal with!


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