Just when you think you’ve got a handle

Camden was feeling pretty good all weekend.  Last night he came to me and said his stomach was bothering him.  As much as I try to believe him, he’s always done everything possible to get out of going to school.  I told him to get some good sleep, he was going to give his best try at school regardless.  No surprise, he was feeling sick this morning.  Told him I HAD to go to work, he HAD to go to school.  His blood sugar was 208.  Gave him a bowl of (gluten-free) cereal with milk, gave him the insulin for the carbs plus his correction dose for being over 200.  Dropped him off at school and explained to the teacher that he may or may not be sick…
Jumped in the car, headed for work and the phone rings.  It’s the school nurse telling me that Camden wasn’t feeling well and his blood sugar was 475.  WHAT?!?  How does this happen??  I’m so frustrated I can’t believe it.  The Dr. saw him last week and wasn’t ready to change his insulin dosage, but I hope she does this week.  I can’t figure out what else could be going on.  It’s like he didn’t have any insulin at all with his breakfast.  Then I’m second guessing myself.  Did he not have enough, did I miscalculate?  UGH?!


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