Biggest Scare Ever

I forced Camden to school today.  I told him he simply couldn’t miss another day nor could I miss work.  Sent him on his way.  I got a call from the nurse that he had high blood sugar.  I told her to give him water and test again in 30 min (instead of my normal rushing over and taking him home).  30 min later it was down a bit  but he still felt sick.  I told him drink more water and stay in the nurse’s office.  Retest in 30 min.  He called again and said he still wasn’t better.  I told him to go back to class and I’d give him lunch and insulin in an hour at lunch time.  I felt TERRIBLE!!
So, at the normal lunchtime, I’m walking to the school and as I come around the corner I notice a fire truck on the street.  As I get closer I see 2 ambulances and they’re pushing a guerney into the school.  I’ve never felt so sick in my life.  I checked that I had my phone and hadn’t missed calls and tried to remain calm as I speed walked my way to the school.  Just as I came in the front gate the lady from the office yells out the door, “Emily, it’s NOT Camden!”  Thank God.  It’s insane to have the feeling of complete fear that your child’s unconcious (or WORSE) and you’ve pushed them to stay at school!  I guess a child had been choking during lunch (but was ok).
I also talked to the teacher and the school nurse before school today about homeschooling or 1/2 days at school.  I was pushing for the 1/2 days, but if you looked at today as an example… He was there from 8-12.  From 9:15-10:20 he was in the office and from 11:30-12 he was in the  office again.  I guess that plan wouldn’t work.  Homeschooling, I think we’re on our way.


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