530. I hate that number

530.  That’s the number that showed up on Cam’s glucometer last night at 10:30.  WTF?  I even got the ok to raise his insulin yesterday.  I thought for sure the high numbers were going to go down right away.  I thought there was a slight chance they’d stay the same.  But go up?  Alot?  No ketones, but lots of worry.  Had to put the poor kid in bed with me again.  This morning he was fine, ate breakfast that was EASILY carb-countable.  Checked 2 hours later, 450.  ARGH!!  I hope this is something simple like Honeymoon’s Over, but since I’m no expert, I just get to freak out all day.  Dr. should be calling this evening to get 24 hrs. of numbers, but that time can’t come soon enough!
Oh, did I mention my car decided to quit working, too?  How’s a girl supposed to keep on trucking with all this crap going on?


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