just another day at the dr.’s office

Yesterday we were back at the endo.  Changed insulin ratio again and raised the Lantus slightly.  That was it.  Quickest visit yet!
TODAY, we FINALLY met the new gastroenterologist (spelling??), Dr. Ziring.  So far, so good!  He just met with us, made sure we understand what celiac is and means.  Made sure that we understand that lymphoma, other cancers, anemia, etc. were all problems that could pop up if we’re not diligent with the diet FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE and that was about it.  I asked if he was going to have to do an endoscopy and he said NO!  woohoo!  He said if he got the idea that we wouldn’t take the diet seriously he would’ve so that we could actually see the amount of damage that was done to his intestines so that we would HAVE to start taking it  more seriously.  No thanks, we’re serious.  He said that as Cam gets older, if he rebels from the diet, he may do it at that time.  I think that’s threat enough for Camden  🙂
Also, he told me that my (mediocre) Dr. ordered the wrong labs for my test.  I was so annoyed when I went for my results because my Dr. said he’d ordered a test that would cost me less money since my copay’s so high.  I was pissed that he didn’t do what I’d asked for and didn’t consult me until AFTER the fact.  He did an allergy panel when I’d asked for a celiac panel.  Lame because celiac disease IS NOT an allergy to wheat.  It’s an intollerance to the protien “gluten” in wheat.  So, I called my Dr.’s office, told them how upset I was and now I get to go back for another blood draw and another week’s wait.  Oh well, could be much worse.
On a great note: Ethan’s celiac panel came out negative.  Hallelujah.  Camden was sad.  I told him that I understand that he feels alone, but he’s not.  Just because we don’t have any of the diseases he has, we are still his family and will love, help and support him every moment of his life.  He’ll never be alone.


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