Our first Halloween with our two new friends… Diabetes and Celiac

I couldn’t get out of bed yesterday.  I don’t remember being so depressed before.  I just felt like I couldn’t move.  I hated my life.  I finally got up around 3 in the afternoon.  I realized what was killing me.  On Friday we went to Disneyland and Camden’s blood sugar somehow ended up too high to do much more than sit on a bench.  We left and he felt guilt.  We assured him that we’d had plenty of fun.  We go all the time, we didn’t need to stay all night.  Still, he’s 10.  He knows we left because of him.  I HATE it that he will feel that.  So the next day was Halloween and all I could think was, what happens if he’s in the same scenario while trick or treating.  What happens after all the fun of trick or treating’s over and all of his friends and his brother are eating all their candy and he’s watching?  He was sure he’d be fine.  But I’m the adult.  I can predict the future a little better.  It might not seem like a big deal early in the day, but I know how hurtful it COULD be later.
I told him how worried I was and how all I wanted was for him to have an easy perfect life and that I’ll never be able to fix this and give it to him.  He said, “my life’s not perfect, but it’s great anyways.”
God, I love him.  Someone who’s been so negative for so long and boom, he’s seeing the positives.  Anyways, he went out with his friends and got lucky.  Low blood sugar.  He actually got to dip into his candy bag while he was out.  Good thing, because it wasn’t low later when he came home.  While Ethan sorted and snacked and traded and everything else fun, Camden and I looked up ingredients to see what was gluten free and what wasn’t.  If it wasn’t, he traded those to Ethan for something that was.  Once he had all gluten free, we started looking them up to see how many carbs each had.  It’s crazy the amount of research you’ve got to do!!  Anyway, it wasn’t the same Halloween, just like our lives aren’t the same lives, but it was still great.


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