lessons learned

I’ve been talking to Camden about this Halloween candy business.  Trying to explain to him that yes, he can count carbs and take insulin, but HE STILL HAS DIABETES and there are MUCH better choices for his body when he’s eating.  He had a King Size Butterfinger with lunch.  At dinner, his blood sugar was significantly higher than it had been at lunch.  He already had 2 candies sitting next to his dinner plate and was in true denial when I was explaining that it was probably the Butterfinger that had raised it and maybe we should put the candy away.  He was having none of this.  He counted carbs, took his insulin, ate his dinner.  Including the two candies.  Now, about an  hour later, he walked in and said, I don’t think I should eat candy anymore.  Why, I asked.  He says, “I wasn’t feeling well, so I tested and it was 332.”  I guess he’s going to have to learn some things the hard way.  I wish that wasn’t true, but at least those lessons will last longer than just me “telling him so.”
I offered both the kids $20 for their candy (so I can get it out of the house), but neither has made a decision yet…


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