scheduling time for my mental health…

seems to be the only thing i don’t have time for lately.  well, that and walking my very young, very active, very frustrated dog.  the thing is, these two things could very well go hand in hand.  she walks and gets out of the house, i walk and get out of the house.  win win.  yet with my lame schedule, i rarely find the time unless it’s late at night and i’m exhausted.  not only because i’m physically beat from not getting good sleep in months, but also emotionally becuase i’ve just had another crazy schedule of a day and all i want to do is lay down and go to sleep.  blah.  what a vicious circle.
today, after i left the school from giving Camden his insulin at lunch, but BEFORE having to pick up Ethan Cade from kindergarten, I hurried home, (skipped lunch to do so…) grabbed Zoey and off we went.  We walked about a mile and a half total, but at our furthest point stopped at an open area where I could let her off-leash to run around and sniff everything out.  I love it that she’s a good listener and I can trust her like that!  Now, instead of chewing every toy she owns and any shoes I’ve left out, she’s resting peacefully on my floor.  And, since I’ve written this, I’ve reminded myself that I skipped lunch and I’m gonna go make something!  This really IS working out….


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