ding dong

Since Camden was diagnosed in July, I’ve gotten up every night at 2am to test his blood. Each time we change his Lantus, his Dr. tells me that I only need to for the next couple of nights and then that’s it. Every time it’s THE night that I don’t have to check anymore, I do. Each time, it’s lower than I want it to be… So, I keep testing. His Dr. keeps telling me to knock it off so I can get some sleep and function a little better, but no matter what, I’m awake most of the night worrying. Might as well test.

I have a neighbor with Type 1, though she was diagnosed at age 58. She once told me that in the middle of the night if she goes low enough to wake herself up, she’s basically paralyzed at that point. Nothing’s scared me more since his diagnosis. I’ve got a juice box on either side of the bed with a night light so he can find them easily.

My boyfriend just had a great idea and I just set it up. We bought one of those wireless doorbells. The chime is in my bedroom and the button is installed on his headboard. If he were to wake up really low, it may be easier for him to hit a button than get his juice box. Maybe soon, I’ll trust this enough to get some sleep!


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  1. […] I told him to double-check there was juice on his nightstand and remember to use his doorbell  (which has only been used once) if needed and set lots and lots of alarms hoping at least a couple […]

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