the only consistency is inconsistency…

holding true to every other time in the last 3 1/2 months…  Last week we saw the endo.  She changed his dosages of insulin and we were immediately seeing  beautiful numbers all day and night.  PERFECT!  LOVE IT!  Four days later, his pancreas must’ve given up just a little more because last night at bedtime he was around 350.  I went over his carbs 3 times to make sure he got the right amount of insulin.  Got up this morning, recounted those same carbs and sure enough he’d gotten the right amount.  Wasn’t sure what could’ve happened.  He was just at 200 this morning.  Gave him insulin for his breakfast, a unit for correction, sent him on his way to school.  An hour later, I got a call from the nurst that he was over 400.  Again, I went over EVERYTHING he’d eaten, the insulin he’d gotten and everything was perfect.  Except for that darn pancreas, of course…  So, since it’s my mom’s bday and I ran out to get the gluten-free cake mix today, I’m feeling a little bummed.  He definitely can’t have cake if we’re having these kind of numbers, but I hate the idea of him feeling like he’s ruining her bday.  I’m not even going to bake it with these numbers.  Oh well!  Her work brought in a cake, she’s not suffering!  If the numbers keep this up, I’ll call the Doc in a day or two to get readjusted and we’ll have the cake then  🙂


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