same time, same phone call…  Cam’s back home and asked why this is happening again.  He said, “why can’t we go back to 5 units of Lantus?  It was fine then.”
I explained that his blood sugar going up tells us we need MORE insulin, not less.  5 was fine then, but not now.  Honeymoon’s not quite over like we thought.  He goes, “My pancreas is still working some?!?  Somebody, call a medic, my pancreas needs help!”  We laughed and I told him I wish more than anything that they already knew how to stop it from getting worse and just keep it here.  He asked, “Have doctors found a cure for any other diseases yet?”  It never occurred to me that a child wouldn’t realize that studying and curing diseases wasn’t something new.  I told him that I believe that there will be a cure soon and that I think it’s likely to be while he’s still here and needing it.  He agreed with a smile.  Hope is huge.


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