UNDER 400! JDRF Walk!

Today we outsmarted this nonsense.  Camden had only a few carbs and mostly protein for breakfast.  Plus, when he didn’t want to finish the carb part, I decided it was fine.  If we were going to have day three of hitting 400, why not quit when you’re full?  Sure enough, 2 hours later, under 200.  I was feeling like a pro.  Got a hold of Dr. S. and she gave me the new carb ratios.  We should be good to go again.  At least for the next couple days…

It just occurred to me that I really didn’t write much about the JDRF walk.  Only Ethan’s silly remark so I wouldn’t forget it.  We were so thrilled to be there.  We raised more $$ than we expected to which was shocking!  I’ve always donated to causes that affect someone I know and have felt really empathetic.  It was crazy being on the other side and feeling how cool it is for people to want to help the cause that affects YOU.  It really made me glad that I’ve tried to help people.  So anyways, we earned a booth.  We had no idea what we were supposed to do with a booth, but it was nice since I had to bring a giant cooler of gluten-free foods for Camden.  I had no idea how long we may end up being there, so we brought a kitchen’s worth of stuff.  just in case…
Seeing the masses of people all there and knowing they were all affected by the same problem and knowing they all wanted a cure as badly as we do was overwhelming.  I really really loved the experience.  I was super proud to be there.
On another note, I also got 2 more hours a week back at work.  Phew.  Maybe one day, I’ll actually have a real full time job again!  Can’t even imagine how I’ll swing it, but it still sounds good.

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