carb ration changes. but not quite right.

Talked to Dr. S yesterday and she gave me new carb ratios to try.  After I got off the phone I realized they’re back to where they were a week ago when we changed them.  He’s still got more Lantus than before though and if his body changed, they may work this time. Well, I was wrong.  He’s got to be at least at 130 at bedtime.  He was at 98.  Drink juice, wait, 91, drink juice, wait, 99, drink juice, wait, 130, wait, 178.  Shit.  Can’t wait to see where the 3 juice boxes take him at 2 am… 377 was my answer.
This morning, just over 200.  Had breakfast with insulin to cover, plus the correction and off to school.  Got the phone call that he was at 450.  What the heck?  He’s got almost double the insulin at breakfast he was getting a couple days ago and it’s even higher?  Ok, picked him up, no ketones, wait for lunch time.  Lunch came, test so we can eat.  We’re making bets on how much correction will be needed.  He thought he’d be over 400, I thought over 300.  Oh no, we were wrong.  It was 506.  Holy moly!  It’s only gone that high once since coming home from the hospital.  So, here I am again, leaving messages on Dr. S’s home answering machine and now I get to sit with my phone and log book waiting for that all-important call back.
I was thinking lately that maybe I’ll be able to get my hours at work back.  HOW??  How do parents work when this is happening in their life?  Diabetes and Celiac have taken over my entire life.  There’s not a minute of my life that I’m not affected by them.  Thinking over and over about how much insulin I gave him, how many carbs did he eat?  Did I toast his food on the right toaster rack, or did I use the “gluteny” one?  Did Ethan get gluteny bread crumbs in the right butter dish, or did he use the GF one?
I can’t be the only single parent with a child with these conditions, but I can’t figure out how to swing it either.  I can’t afford GF food, yet I can’t figure out how to go back to work when I keep getting called with high blood sugar.


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