just downloaded new pictures

guess what… just like our lives, they’re all about diabetes…
At the JDRF walk, Camden got a demo Omnipod.  We thought that was the pump we wanted at first, but then we got super heavy into some research and decided on another for a few different reasons.  However, if this was ME, I would definitely choose the Omnipod.  He might one day, but for now, we’ll deal with tubes.  No biggie.  Anyway, I told him to wear the demo pod as long as he needed to to get used to it.  It took him an hour before he was ready to rip that sucker off.  I tried to get him to put it on his back (and would’ve if we were really getting that one), but he insisted on his stomach and then sat down to play video games.  Of course something stuck to your belly, while sitting, is going to be annoying.  Camden ripped all the stickies off, but Ethan realized it still sticks anyways and tried it on  🙂


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