back to researching pumps

first things first… last night camden went to bed at 137.  no carbs, nothing.  he was just miraculously there.  Normally he’s been either STUCK at 80-90 something or close to 300.  Anyway, a while later he wanted some sugar free jello, which is a normal deal for him when he’s going to bed and can’t eat anything else.  I got it for him and checked him at 2 am.  it was like 370 something.  this morning i mentioned how crazy it was that it went so much higher.  he says, “maybe since my blood sugar was going up, that’s why i got thirsty and wanted the jello.”  It hit me.  I ran to the fridge.  Oops, somehow SUGAR jello made its way into our house!  At least we know why it went up and we can move on.  Lunch time:121, fine all day, Dinner time:107.  This is way new to us.  We haven’t had target numbers for that long since he was diagnosed in July.  On a typical day he’s low at least twice and the rest of the time is hanging out in the 2-300s.  Low, correct, oops too high, correct, low, repeat.
Anyway, on another note, I’m trying to get him all set up for a pump.  Looks like we have to wait until January, but I’m trying to find loopholes and get this sped up.  He’s so sensitive to insulin and food there’s rarely a happy medium.  give this much, too high; ok, give this much, too low.  You just can’t get it dialed in as tightly with these lame shots.
So.  We were looking at them and were thinking minimed paradigm.  I talked to a rep and she told me that his insurance does NOT cover the CGM which was our main reason of going with them, since it’s built in.  She told me that it would be a good idea to go with anyways, because if they DO start to cover it, we’ll already have the right equipment.  Sold.
Today, we were at a play and it was dark and I thought, I wonder if that pump was the one with the backlit display?  I checked and it’s not, but this time, out of the hundreds of times I’ve been on their website, I notice that there are two models of the same pump.  One with cgm, one without.  Hmmm, what are the chances that my insurance will pay for the one with so that if they decide to cover everything one day, “I’ll have the right equipment.”  Obviously I’m not clear on all this stuff, and obviously each rep is going to sell me on what they’re trying to sell me.  Now, I’ve contacted Animas so they’ll send me their info.  I’ve been putting them in the corner because the omnipod is cool (although Cam doesn’t want it at this point) and the paradigm had cgm.  sure, the ping’s got waterproof going for it, but how often do we really need that?  Maybe we do!  I’m also liking how you can program foods into it, especially since we’re gluten free and those carbs are weird to count or look up.  I’m liking the backlit display in case we’re in the movie theater or something. 
I’ve been thinking January’s too far away, but now I’m wondering if it’s enough time to do all the research I need to do!!


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