It’s World Diabetes Day.  A day to eduacate people on diabetes.  I’m thinking, great idea, but I’m pretty sure everyone I know’s heard my babble on and on and on for a few months about it.  I think, if they’re listening, they should know a lot more now than before.  So, off I headed to my chiropractor.  I hadn’t been in quite a while because I pretty much never leave Camden…
I mentioned that he was diagnosed and she said, “Wow, he must’ve really been a big carb eater.  Sounds like you were giving him a bit too much sugar…”
Holy moly!  I couldn’t believe my ears.  This from someone who’s career is in the (sort of) health field?!?  She popped all sorts of similar comments out and I had grace through them all and got to spend my hour of getting adjust adjusting her ideas of diabetes.
Camden also just left to go to a friend’s house.  He went out with someone else once before since he was diagnosed.  His friend’s dad took him to run an errand for like an hour and was such a flake that Camden didn’t get returned for 5 hours and had lost his meter.  The dad took him all over the place, different places than he said, and I was feeling like I’d never let him leave again.  I know that’s nuts, so I let him go today.  I gave her instructions.  I guess?  They were something like, He should be fine, if he goes low, he’ll eat some candy.  He’s got premeasured bags in his pocket.  Oh, if he passes out, call 911.  Don’t let him eat anything.  He can drink diet soda or water only.
I felt like I needed to keep her here for 2-3 days explaining anything, but I guess in reality that was all she needed to know.  Dinner’s in 5 hours, so he’ll be home before I get too worried


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