best day in a lot of days today

Wow.  That’s all I can say about my last week of bumps in the road.  Camden’s blood sugar went sky high on Monday, had to come home from school.  Repeated on Tuesday.  Wednesday there was no school and we had great numbers.  Thursday, went back to school… over 500.  He came home and I asked to see his carbs (that are always in his pocket for lows).  Oops, they must’ve fallen out of his pocket.  This child is the most honest, responsible, trustworthy kid.  He’s also really behind in school and frustrated about it.  Did he seriously eat candy to get high blood sugar knowing it would be a ticket home?!?
Friday was a 1/2 day and he was going to daycare afterwards with his friend.  Great numbers.  Sat/Sun, great numbers.  Monday, 450.  I got to the school fuming.  Grabbed his little container of glucose tabs, popped it open and there was 1 where there used to be 4.  I said, did you go low?  Ya.  I grabbed his meter and scrolled  through.  Nothing even close to low.  Not even good numbers.  They started high.  I got him in the truck, and told him I knew what was happening.  He had an excuse.
He’s supposed to take 15 carbs before PE.  This is what his Dr. told us when he was first diagnosed.  Then we realized how unbelievably sensitive he is to carbs and insulin.  Then he was given instructions to test before PE and decide if he needed carbs.  That was never very clear to either of us because she never gave us a number.  We do good with exactness.  Sure, his excuse could be valid if this new plan was just put into effect, but it’s been a while.  We had the talk.
I always say we may end up in the hospital again if he’s too high.  But this kid’s seen some seriously high numbers and feels better quick.  Never ketones or anything.  Heading to the hospital’s not much of a consequence.  It killed me, but I told him all of the horrible, ugly complications that could come of high blood sugars LATER.  Sure, it just gets him back home today, but later it could leave him blind, aputated, waiting for a new kidney, dead.  All of these could be before he gets to my age.  I’m not even 30 yet.  I told him that every ounce of my and his grandma’s energy goes into making sure he’s healthy and I will not allow him to ruin that.  He was really upset and ran to his room crying.  Slammed his door.  I hate putting these burdens on a 10 year old child.  But if he’s not understanding how serious it is, he’s not going to take it as serious as it needs to be taken. 
Anyway, on to today.  The best on-target numbers all day long ever.  I came home after meeting him for insulin at lunch and was feeling really impatient about not having all of the answers I want from Animas, so I called them.  Camden and I put together a list last night of the questions we had.  Every answer he had was the one I wanted him to have.  I’m pretty sure that’s the route we’re going to go.  We still have a Medtronics class on Thursday teaching Cam about pumping and about their pump.  They’re also going to try their infusion site thing on him.  The rep from Animas is supposed to call me back tomorrow to set up a time to come to our house and teach us the same thing and let us demo their pump.  Camden’s all about that one, too.  He’s sold already.
Headed to Ethan’s teacher conference.  She confirmed what I’ve known.  He’s beyond smart, blows away the rest of the class, but gets bored when he’s not challenged and turns his behaviors negative.  She suggested what teacher he should have next year (the “tough” one) and is hoping he’ll move into a first/second grade combo.  Awesome!  From there, the school psychologist called me and I got to run right over to her office.  She had the paperwork from his last assessment.  Sounds like there’s some kind of attention (or INATTENTION) problem.  I’ve just got to bring those in to his pediatritian and come up with a plan.  I’m not doing ADD meds because I haven’t exhausted ANY other routes.  Also, how do you put a kid on a med that suppresses their appetite when they’ve got diabetes??  Well, I won’t so I don’t need to worry about it.  She did tell me though, that no matter what I chose to do, we can write this into his 504 Plan now so that he gets a little extra help and a lot less burden.  Nothing but good news today.  Haven’t had a day like this in a while!


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