another good day!

Back to the endo today.  What an amazing woman.  I’m so thankful for her.  She told me that every one of her patients has eaten without insulin, either on purpose or not.  It’s normal, don’t worry.  She spoke to Camden about how important it was to be honest with us.  Told him that if she had made adjustments to his insulin since he was so high, it could’ve been a major problem.  She promised him we wouldn’t be mad at him, but we could treat things accordingly.  She also said that she’d be happy to write a letter to his insurance to help try to get the pump before 6 months.  He’s in a vicious cycle right now.  And I’m leaving out last week’s craziness.  On normal days, he’s in this cycle…
Celiac is causing absorbtion problems and the gluten-free alternatives have carbs that I have to guess on.  They aren’t always what they seem to say on a package.  Or the serving size is not clear.  This leads to crazy blood sugars.  This leads to having a hard time paying attention in school on top of his latest ADD diagnosis.  Falling behind in school is causing major stress in him which is also playing into his blood sugar levels.  She thinks he’s a great candidate for getting the pump sooner than the insurance normally pays.
The pediatritan spoke to me about ADHD meds (which for the record, he has NONE of the H part.  They refer to it as ADHD with predominance in inattentiveness.  whatever) which I’m not ready to try.  I think that it may help tremendously to get his blood sugar under control and have this new gluten free diet.  We’re going to give that a few months before considering anything more.  We have a Medtronic class tomorrow, still waiting on our Ping rep… and then once we’ve made our choice (which I think we have) we let her know for sure and she’ll get the insurance papers and her persuasive letter ready and hopefully we’ll have a pump sooner than later!!  He got his A1C test done today for the first time.  8.2  She said she’s not the slightest bit suprised for the amount of craziness the kid’s been going through, but has no doubt it will drop significantly as soon as he’s a pumper.


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