test run on the infusion set

this afternoon we went to a beginning pumping class put on by minimed.  we got to hear the basics of how to use it, which we both felt like we knew just from all the research we’ve been doing lately!  We just wanted to go so we could touch it.  Mess with it.  Feel it.  You know.  Pictures online just don’t give you the whole story.  Camden wanted to try the infusion set.  It’s been something he’s been really nervous about.  He’s watched videos and tutorials online to watch how to insert them to try to figure out how much it would hurt.  He’s researched the fact that there’s NO NEEDLE that stays inside over and over and over.  🙂
So at the class I asked if we could feel the cannula so we could see how stiff it was.  He laughed when he felt it.  I could tell it was a laugh that was really just all of the worries coming out.  He called it a “wormy tube” . The class was ending and everyone was just kind of talking and I asked him if he still wanted to try the insertion.  I anticipated his saying no.  I had already given myself the pep talk earlier and decided that if he was nervous I’d do it myself to show him.  But nope, he lit up with excitement when I mentioned it!  I asked the lady and she says, “of course.  Mom, do you want to do it or do you want me to?”  I asked him if he’d rather her do it and he answers, “Can’t I do it myself?”
(showing him how to do it and DONE!)

Where do these kids get their bravery from???  Sure enough, she showed him what to do and he did it!  His first infusion set!  It was so exciting.  Like watching his first steps as a baby.  Only this was a huge step and he didn’t even start to trip up.  Afterwards he said it hurt and he was a little shaky from being nervous.  We sat down and he was very stiff so as not to disturb the site.  Less than 5 minutes later he excitedly tells me that it no longer hurt.  He’s wiggling around and bouncing in his seat trying to see how it feels and said he couldn’t feel a thing.  He then stood up and did a little dancing around.  It was so unlike him I cracked up.  The other people at the class (who were pretty old… like 60’s and one was 81) were super impressed with him, giving him thumbs up… the works.  He really had a great experience and I couldn’t have been happier.
We got in the truck and I told him how proud I was and that I thought he was going to chicken out.  He goes, “Are you kidding?  I want a pump so bad.  I want to be able to eat when I want!”  I guess that’s a pretty good motivator!
He came in the house singing, “wormy tube, wormy tube” showing it off to Grandma and Ethan.  And hasn’t stopped…

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