a day late. but still appreciated.

Only a day after my total panic with E yesterday and forcing him to test for ketones I received a letter in the mail.  I had taken him to TrialNet at Children’s Hospital LA a few weeks ago for the “Natural History study for the development of Type 1 Diabetes” where he was tested for diabetes-related autoantibodies.
The letter was the results.

“The result of E’s screening test was negative.  This means that no diabetes related autoantibodies are present at this time.  This is not a guarantee that E will never develop diabetes.  It does mean that E is currently at a lower risk than if the test was positive.  TrialNet offers annual re-screening to all participants up to age 18 since autoantibody status can change.  We will send a reminder letter to you and encourage you to have E re-screened in one year.”

I’ve been really scared to get this info.  It’s scary thinking what if you get the letter that says it was positive?  Well, then they sign you up for a clinical trial trying to delay onset, but that’s some serious information to have inside you.  I’ve spoken to another family about this locally.  In their family, Dad and one son have it.  Younger son doesn’t and neither does Mom.  I asked if they’d considered testing their other son and they said no.  They just always watch him closely for any symptoms.  I’m such a panicker, I think I’m thankful for this news.  It will definitely allow me a little peace of mind.  I’m fully aware that it could change, but at least I won’t be forcing him to test for ketones again today.



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