overstressed nerves? maybe?

or just complete fear?  A few days ago I started paying attention to Ethan peeing.  I laughed at myself for being overly paranoid.  Then I started noticing him drinking apple juice all the time.  Sneaking Camden’s juice boxes that we’ve got for lows.  I started having thoughts like wondering if Ethan got diabetes if they’d let him get on a pump immediately since he’s so young.  That kind of nonsense.  Today, I picked him up from school and he’d peed his pants.  A huge wave of panic hit me.  The first thought I had was wondering if the remote things for the pumps could be color-coded or something so they didn’t get mixed up and maybe he should be on the omnipod so he couldn’t mess with the buttons.  My thoughts were really matter of fact.  Ugh.  I brought him home and said we could do an experiment and test his urine with the same strips that Camden uses and see if there’s any difference.  He yelled at me that he wasn’t peeing on anything and went back to drink his apple juice.  When he did go to the bathroom about 10 minutes later I grabbed the stick and said, look just pee on it, you don’t even have to pee in a cup… Nope, so being waaaay overly scared, I just stuck it in the stream anyways.  He yelled at me, but what can you do???  I ignored Camden’s symptoms for 8 days from denial even though I KNEW what they were symptoms of.  No way could I do that all over again.  Negative.  No ketones and I’m sure there’s no diabetes.  Just paranoia.  That’s all.


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