bad pen?

I think our latest pen is bad.  I’m hoping that’s what it is.  It hit the trash about 30 minutes ago…
We opened it Sunday night at dinner.  Since then, he’s needed corrections at every single meal and most nights at bedtime.  He hasn’t needed one at bedtime except for maybe twice when he was first diagnosed.  AND, even with the corrections and the amount for the carbs, it just keeps going higher.  Never lower.  Before this pen he’s been having lows almost every day.  Like 40-50 lows…  He came home from school today at 459.  His 2 am checks have been 300-450 even if he goes to bed with an ok number.  I don’t want the dr. to up his Lantus until I try the new pen because the lows drive me crazy when he’s at school/daycare and I find out that night that he was down to 42 and I never knew until I go through his meter at dinner to write them all into his logbook.  I like him to have a nice low number, but usually when he does we can expect a bad low number soon after.  I’ve been conditioned to feel comfortable in the high one hundreds even though I know it’s too high.
Anyway, sounds like the pen.  He just had lunch and a correction so I guess we’ll know for sure in the next couple hours.


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