rambling like crazy

This has been a really hard couple of weeks.  C’s blood sugar is nuts.  Couldn’t get a hold of the Dr., was just feeling completely overwhelmed.  I’m exhausted.  Physically, mentally, ever other way you could be exhausted too.
Last night I heard from the doctor.  She thinks that C’s feeling a lot of stress when I’m not there and is driving his blood sugar up from it.  At school in the mornings, he tests.  If he sees a number over 200 he starts retesting.  Sometimes every 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes.  It really depends on how high the number is and how nervous it’s making him.  Then, he gets sent home, his limit at school is 400.  He never has ketones and drops back down by lunch or with a correction from lunch.  This doesn’t happen at home on the weekends.  We started some new rules.  He’s allowed to test once between breakfast and lunch.  If it’s a number that he’s worried about, he can go to the health office and test for ketones.  If it’s negative, he can go back to class and stop worrying.  If its trace, he can drink some water in class and we’ll retest at lunch.  If it’s any higher than that, he should call me and we’ll make a decision at that point.  I assured him that he’s ok.  He’s safe.  He’ll be fine.  I told him that even if it’s 500 but no ketones, he’s safe.  Apparently that’s what he needed to hear.  He tested at 9:00 this morning and it was 256.  This is high enough to usually start the testing frenzy.  But it didn’t.  He didn’t even go test for ketones.  Just waited to meet me at lunch at which point it was 101.  Love that!
At daycare, he took carbs before playing football (although he forgot to test first to make sure he wasn’t too high already), came home, tested at dinner and was 130.  Love that, too.  Looks like the anti-stress talk is helping?
Or is it the fact that the Dr. also said she wants me doing his injections for the next few days to see if it changes anything.  He doesn’t quite leave it in as long as I (&the dr./nurse) would like and maybe he’s not getting every last drip of insulin?  We’ll see.  It was a much better day though.
At bedtime, he tested and was 125.  Lovely.  Except since we want him to be at least 130, I gave him 2 glucose tabs and tucked him in.  Went to my room and thought… hmmm, what if it’s dropping though?  I waited 20 minutes and asked him to retest.  He just did while I was typing this and it was 60.  Jeez.  I knew there’d be a catch to all these nice numbers!  Usually this means it’s going to be a long night.  Lots of juice boxes and waiting.  I’m going to go ahead and start praying now that that’s not the case!
Besides all of this, the doctor also reminded me that absorbtion is issue due to the celiac disease and we may always have a rough road to travel on due to this.  She said his blood sugar will be much harder to manage because of it.  She also reminded me of how sensitive he is.  She said that some people are affected by insulin and carbs very smoothly.  Some people, no matter how little an amount of either, their body just absorbs it and becomes affected quite severly.  This would be him.  She said his body is working very crudely.  I give a unit of insulin and he drops low.  I give his 15 carbs and he skyrockets.  There’s just no winning.  Except for when we get the pump (knock on wood).  Those tiny tiny little amounts of insulin we’ll be able to give will be oh so helpful.  The bummer is, she doesn’t think it’ll be approved before his 6 months.  The good news is, they go by symptoms, not diagnosis.  That means we’re only 2-3 weeks away from him being a pumper.  It coincides with my birthday and I can’t think of anything I’d like more this year.


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