Just got a call from C’s insurance.  They can’t authorize the pump until he sees a panel of Dr.s at UCLA and they make a determination as to whether or not they think he’s ready for a pump.  She also told me not to hold my breath because the last girl she sent to get authorization, they met with her and decided to wait and see her again in 3 months and make their decision at that point.  What??  Ok, whatever, I called UCLA to make the appt and they tell me the soonest they have is June.  I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone.  I’m told this morning we may not have to wait the full 6 months from diagnosis and a few hours later I’m told I’ll have to wait a year from diagnosis?  I about lost it.  But I knew who to call.  C’s lovely nurse.  She calmed me down instantly by telling me it was BS.  I did not need to go down there.  She told me the Dr. I need to talk to and fortunately he’ll be in the office (our normal office) tomorrow.  She told me she’ll talk to him an he has veto power.  I asked his name and just by chance, it happens to be the same Dr. that E has an appt with tomorrow morning.  When we were there for C today, I made an appt for E.  His regular pediatrician moved away, so I told them to schedule it with anyone.  What are the chances?  Well, I guess if you’re talking about my life, the chances are pretty good.  With as much negative that I have to find my way out of, it always seems to work out for me.  Everything in my life definitely happens for a reason.  Sometimes it’s just frustrating figuring out what the heck that reason is.


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  1. […] color screen.  We filled out the paperwork that night.  But insurance had other plans.  We jumped through hoops for months and we got denied.  I spoke to the boys’ pediatrician only….  A week later I received a call stating that they’d gotten approval and Camden’s […]

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