so this is my birthday?

Ugh.  So frustrating.  C has never liked going to restaurants.  He’s a picky eater and will just sit in his seat sulking making everyone miserable.  I have never been big on going out, so it’s not a huge loss for me.  We just don’t go often.  Now he has diabetes and celiac disease.  That means we’re going out a whole lot less…
My aunt is visiting and we stopped somewhere to eat.  C had a lunch box from home.  BUT, he mentioned the fries and what a bummer it was to smell them and not get to eat them.  He DEFINITELY knows how to manipulate me.  Today’s my birthday and my mom and aunt wanted to take me to lunch.  C didn’t want to go.  So he put himself in a pouty mood.  When I asked him what he’d like me to bring for him, again, he brings up the fact that he CAN’T eat anything there.  “C, you’ve never liked eating resaurant food anyway!” and he answers that he used to, at least, get to eat the fries.  I told him I could make some fries here and bring them with us.  No.  So, now I have to go out to eat with a kid trying to ruin my time so that we can go home PLUS the added guilt knowing that he wants to eat something there and can’t?  No thanks, go on without me.  I know it’s manipulation because it didn’t just start, but it’s so frustrating!!
As they’re leaving (with E) my dad shows up, who I don’t speak to and have been very clear that I don’t want him to have a continued relationship with my kids.  He goes along.  Now, I get to miss my own birthday lunch and he gets to go along instead.  Nice.  Thanks for the extra little icing on top to make it worse.


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