Pump’s coming!!

We had a great 2 weeks off from school and most of it off from work.  C’s blood sugar was pretty decent and he felt good.  First day back to school, he doesn’t feel well, trace ketones and his blood sugar goes up to 360.  Umm, ya.  I think I’ll have to agree he’s got some stress about school.  Today was the second day back.  Felt sick, cramps in stomach, can’t concentrate.  I tried to force him to stay.  I decided i would NOT leave work early.  He got to hang out in the nurse’s office for 3 hours until I could come to get him.  I was so frustrated when I left work after 3 phone calls from the school and thinking about what he’s NOT learning at school.  I got in the car and my phone rang again.  “Hi Emily, I just wanted to let you know we received authorization from C’s insurance for his pump.”
WOW.  EXACTLY the phone call I needed.  They’re ordering it today, will receive it tomorrow and overnight it to us.  We should receive it Thursday.  We’ll have to wait until next Wednesday to meet with his Dr. to get started on it, but that’s fine with me!  As soon as I SEE it, I know we’re all going to feel a load off.  AND, this also means that he’ll be on it by the time we go to outdoor school the following week which will make it so much easier when everyone else gets snacks and he won’t be tied to a strict eating schedule anymore!


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