It’s Here!!!

What’s here?  C’s Ping!!  We put in the batteries and set the date, but that’s about all we can do until we either see the Dr. or the pump educator to get him all set up.  I’m really really hoping it’ll be sometime this next week, but I’m not counting on it because I’m tire of being let down.  Anyway, he used his new meter that came with it when he tested for dinner.  He was super impressed that it actually had rounded numbers, not pixel-y ones.  Such a fan of high tech stuff…


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  1. […] A week later the rep came out  to show us the Ping.  We checked it out, pushed its buttons and gazed lovingly at its beautiful color screen.  We filled out the paperwork that night.  But insurance had other plans.  We jumped through hoops for months and we got denied.  I spoke to the boys’ pediatrician only to find out that he works with our insurance and he’d push it through.  A week later I received a call stating that they’d gotten approval and Camden’s shiny black Ping would be arriving the next day. […]

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