learning to deal with curveballs

Last Saturday we went to Supercross.  Every other year that we go there’s a tradition.  C EATS.  Nachos, soda, cotton candy, etc.  This year was new, but the same.  I brought our own gluten-free, carb-countable foods: chips/cheese dip, carrots/ranch, apples/peanut butter, sunflower seeds AND yes, cotton candy.  The kind that comes in a package so you know how many carbs to expect…
I timed it so he’d have time to have insulin twice.  Eat right when we get there and then 2 1/2-3 hours later.  First time, we tested, gave insulin and he had everything but the cotton candy.  I figured I’d check his blood glucose again before the cotton candy and make sure it was still appropriate to give it.  Before that happened, he tells me he’s low.  We pull out the meter to test, give a poke, apply the blood and with that the meter goes blank with a flashing battery symbol.  WHAT?!?  He took his carbs while I went through in my head how to handle not having a meter with us.  I have some serious OCD.  So far it seems to help with the diabetes because I am a freaking perfectionist about it all an double triple quadruple check everything we do.
Preparing to go to Supercross took me about 2 days and I went back over everything I packed about 50 times.  If you leave the stadium, you can’t come back in.  That means I couldn’t leave a cooler with double his supplies in the car.  I had to carry everything we neeeded or might need.  I had two insulin pens, a handful of needle tips, two vials of Lantus, a whole bag of syringes, alcohol swabs up the wazoo, extra jars of test strips.  I HAD two meters.  But one was the one that came with his insulin pump which we hadn’t even started using yet.  It costs $200 to replace.  I unpacked it thinking I’d rather not risk anything happening to it.
So of course, a minute after seeing this battery flashing all I could do was laugh.  How ironic that the one thing I didn’t prepare for happened.  So, we went on with life.  Gave insuling a cotton candy and enjoyed the night.  We got home a little after midnight.  I tested him and it was 238.  Higher than most nights, but not really by much.  I was pretty stoked actually.  This was our first time having something sooo “forbidden” like cotton candy and we did it without knowing what his blood sugar was from earlier with a low thrown in for good measure and we made it back with no problems.
A month ago (and definitely before that) I would’ve given myself a heart attack over this kind of wrench thrown in the spoke.  I was so thankful to have the comfort to laugh at the situation and make due.  Thank God for time healing things!


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