The Good Life on a Pump

So far, the pump’s been everything we expected and better.  Last Tuesday afternoon, the Animas trainer came to the house to teach us all about it and how to use it, set it up, etc.  We’d already done so much research that it didn’t seem like a lot to handle.  That night at bedtime, C’s number was well over 300 due to it being over 24 hours since his last injection of Lantus.  I was pretty nervous about how high he’d go over night, but got pretty decent sleep anyways.  Surprisingly, he woke up at 214.  No insulin in his system and his body still managed to help itself a little.  That was pretty encouraging.  The longer his body helps out, the better.
We met the pump educator at the Dr.’s office and went over all of the numbers and settings we were going to use and plugged him in.  Easy as that.  We were on our way.  As expected, C turned his normal 3 meals a day into about 10.  Back to normal.  That night, there was a school fundraiser at Chuck E Cheese, but there was also a meeting at the school for parents of 5th graders.  Grandma took the boys to Chuck E. and I went to the class.
A couple hours later I got a phone call from my mom.  C bought a little 3 oz. container of Rainbow Sherbet from a vending machine, but it had no nutritional info.  I told them I’d call right back and ran out to my car to look it up in the Carb King book.  Apparently, before I callled back C had gone on the compmany’s website (on his iPhone), went to their nutrition info page and found the carb count.  Programmed it into his pump and got to go ahead and eat.  He looked at my mom and told her “This is going to change my life.”  That’s a big statement from a kid.  But he’s right.  He has so many food restrictions, timing is the one that bothers him the most.  He eats dinner and is still hungry.  But he has to wait a couple hours before another injection.  This pump is big.
Today is day 3.  We changed his infusion set this morning.  It went perfectly smoothly except for C’s major fear or removing the old one.  He calmed down after I just grabbed it and ripped it off without giving him any more time to think about it.  Later, I was in my room and he came in.  “Mom, I just measured some of those new chips.  Can you come double check them so I can give my insulin?”  He’s never taken the initiative to do any measuring or weighing before so I was pretty surprised.  I went out and checked.  He weighed them perfectly, had the right carb number and was ready to go.  I told him it was perfect and with a giant smile he goes, “I’m learning!”


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  1. […] computers, gadgets… these are natural to both of us.  The day we hooked that pump onto him, we felt like life was back to normal.  Neither of us needed time to adjust, it just worked.  He eats when he wants.  We can bolus […]

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