2 weeks with the pump

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks with C’s pump.  Last Tuesday we packed up and headed to Outdoor School with his 5th grade class.  AKA 85 10-11 year olds.  His blood glucose was running between 280 and 350 for a few days.  I was stressing about it, but he couldn’t miss this trip.  He would’ve hated his diabetes if it ruined it for him.  I went with the school as a cabin leader and to keep an eye on C.  Wednesday he got really upset and emotional.  Tested and of course… 404.  I had been thinking that our Dr. got one of our settings incorrect.  C’s her first patient on an Animas pump, so it probably just was set up differently.  His correction doses were only half of what they should be.  Or his insulin sensitivity factor was double what it should be.  Same thing.  We were out of cell range and I didn’t really care about calling to check if it was ok to change anyways.  The next day after making the adjustment, he was in the one hundreds.  Closer to the 200s, but still.  A significant improvement.  This camping trip also happened to be during the craziest storm I can remember having in quite a while.  Thunder, lightening, hail and lots of rain.  Our hikes were limited due to this.  The first hike C went on on Wednesday (after changing his ISF) I was in a cabin leader meeting and they didn’t tell me they were leaving… He got back and told me that he went low twice during the 2 1/2 hour hike.  He didn’t test because the leader kept moving  AND he didn’t tell anyone.  Just ate some glucose tabs and kept going.  His numbers were pretty good other than that.  Next two days I made sure I was on the hikes and giving him gatorade while we were going.  I had the small bottles that are 20 carbs each.  I gave him 1/3 at a time about every 30-45 minutes.  When we got back from the first one his bg was 85.  Thank goodness I was there with him forcing that gatorade down or he would’ve been a mess!  Anyway, I’d call it an overall success that we went to camp in the middle of nowhere only 6 days after starting the pump and we handled everything relatively well.
Tomorrow’s his appt with the Dr.  I’m excited to see how much he weighs.  He’s been starving himself since diagnosis.  He always underestimates what he’s going to eat so he won’t get too full.  Poor guy always ends up wishing he could have another shot.  Now, I swear he’s eaten about 10 meals a day since getting on his pump.  Everytime I look at him he’s eating again.  It’s fabulous.  His whole life is centralized on eating.  So, now that he’s got gluten out of his life, which has already helped him gain a few pounds, and now eating when he’s hungry, I bet he’ll be as big as me pretty soon.


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