bad diabetics? seriously?

I just spoke to a friend of mine about a mutual friend who has type 1 diabetes.  She called him a “bad diabetic” and said it would probably be a good thing for him to spend time with me and maybe I’d rub off on him some.  This made my skin crawl.  I asked what it meant and she said he parties (drinks) and has gained weight and so whenever she sees him she “makes him test and report his number” to her and she “lectures him on what he should  be eating.”  These are her words, I’m not rewriting them.
I was really annoyed by this because I’m picturing people talking about my son like this down the road for living a “normal” life.  Obviously she knows how to manage her husband’s type 2 diabetes and that’s great for them.  It’s too bad that she’s applying that elsewhere though.  I realize that I’m very obsessive about things being perfect.  I weigh and measure everything my son eats.  No estimating allowed in our household.  I know that it will change when he’s older, but I figure the tighter the rules are while he’s learning them, the better.
The thing is, my son’s been handed some amazing opportunities that others may not have.  My son has a mother (who is obsessive) who only works part-time and has internet access to do all the research I can possibly do.  My son has amazing insurance.  He has a prescription for 12 test strips per day that are fully covered.  There’s no reason that we can’t test him every single time we need to or just want to double check.  Not everyone has that luxury.  I have a neighbor who’s insurance covers 4 strips per day.  She pays out of pocket for most of her diabetes supplies.  She was recently laid off of her job.  She can’t test every time she eats.  She can’t test everytime she feels low and then again in 15 minutes to make sure she’s back on track.  She lives her life normally and tests when she can.  Then she gives correction doses.  She does not give insulin according to an insulin-to-carb ratio.  She can’t afford to.  The sad part is that she can’t afford not to either.
C has insurance that has recently paid for a $6,000 insulin pump and I had no copay.  I feel like we have the tools that we need placed before us and it would be a sin to let not use everything that is available.
So, maybe this “bad diabetic” she spoke of doesn’t have these opportunities.  Perhaps he’s trying to do the best he can with what he has to work with.  I guess outsiders might not understand that though.


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