good morning!

C and I have a harder time than anyone I’ve ever met getting up in the morning.  We’re like Garfield, miserable and disheveled for quite a while.  Me until I’ve had my coffee and I’m still waiting to find somthing to help C snap out of it.  This morning was no different.  C slept in my room last night.  He doesn’t normally unless I suspect he was too active and might go low through the night.  Last night he just wanted to.  I’ve got a comfy bed, I guess.
This morning I dragged myself out of bed, tried to get him up, got my other cheery, morning-person son up and started the coffee.  I come back down the hall and find out that C has asked E to go pick out his clothes for him.  This was even lazier than usual!  Took forever to get him into the kitchen for breakfast.  “Sorry, son, you wouldn’t get out of bed today, I don’t have time to make you bacon, test and eat your cereal.”  He tests and I lean over to peek at the number.  59?  Holy moly, have some juice, no wonder you didn’t feel like getting up!  I told him we’d wait a bit before going to school to make sure he was a steady number.  His response?  “Does that mean we can make some bacon?”
Yes, it does.


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