could be worse

Someone I work with was just asking me about C’s health issues.  I was explaining celiac disease and how it affects diabetes and how i believe that it was the untreated celiac that caused the diabetes and what a bummer that is.  He said something about how it’s nice that we have a diagnosis now and can treat it, but too bad it’s a bit extra work for me.  I said, Ya, it’s a lot more work and it’s never going to let up.  His response was, “It could be worse.”  This is such an interesting statement.  There’s nothing more true than it, but there’s not much that stings worse.
Obviously, any situation you’re in could always be worse, but the fact is, it could be better too.  Thank God my son didn’t get diagnosed with a disease that was going to take his life and there was nothing we could do about it.  But I don’t think someone can understand, without living it every day, that this is not an easy card to be dealt either.  Thinking about the decisions my son has to make every minute of every day forever is a little overwhelming.  The fact that my 10 year old has to look up every food on his iphone to check the company’s allergy statement to be sure it’s safe and then the nutritional facts to get a carb count just so he can have find out if he can have the snack his friends are already finishing is a little ridiculous.
Ya, things could always be worse, I’m totally aware of it.  I remind myself every day.  I’m thankful for research making these two diseases so manageable.  However, I don’t think people outside realize that if we let up on the managing for a minute, things could turn terribly wrong.
As he said this statement, my phone rang and it was C.  At school.  Calling to tell me he was at 54 and in his class.  He wasn’t sure if he should stay put or go to the health office.
He put his teacher on and I told her to keep him there, make sure he retests in 15 min after his carbs.  Told her that if he felt he needed more carbs before the 15 min. was up that it was fine, trust him.  I just got a call back.  15 carbs and 15 minutes later and his new number is 178.  Could be worse, but could definitely be better.


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